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The main focus of F.F.E is to create an environment where the players can learn and develop to be the best version of themselves possible. Whether they want a career in football long term or they enjoy playing with friends our sessions are designed to encourage them to improved their game. Each session will incorporate technical aspects such as ball manipulation skills, dribbling and passing etc. Along side the technical aspect there is a tactical focus covering topics such as attacking with overloads and understanding when to dribble and pass and the requirements of the different positions. 


Our Vision 


  • To help develop players ability on the ball to be comfortable and confident in any situation on the pitch.

  • To provide an additional training session that fits alongside players sessions at their clubs that gives them the chance to spend more time working on their game.

  • To help players to gain a greater understanding of different tactical elements. 

  • To create an environment that players look forward to coming to where they can improve their football skills, make new friends and most importantly enjoy the sessions.


We have a long term development plan for each player. We have regular player reports that are given to parents which outlines how they are doing in sessions. It indicates where they are excelling and also areas they can spend some more time on to develop. Within the reports there are exercise included that they can work on in their own time.

Every sessions incorporates the football four corner model which is used to help create complete players: This is how we include it in our sessions.


Every session begins with an element of basic ball skills. The aim is to get the player comfortable on the ball and have the ability to manipulate the ball with ease. 


We aim to make the sessions replicate movements in the game so we do a lot of work with football movements such as changing directions, co-ordination, speed, agility and balance. 


We have players from different teams at our sessions so it offers the players the opportunity to play with different players and make new friends. 


Throughout the sessions we create scenarios that will challenge the players to learn and try to find solutions. For example 3 v 4 drills where the defending team will be outnumbered and the players will try to find ways to overcome this situation.

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